Drifting representation. Round IV Open Slalom Drift

Hello everyone.

During the past july 28, held in Igualada (Barcelona) the fourth round of the championship of drift. Best known as: Open Slalom Drift.

What was so special to us that was not the calendar one more round? Well, for the first time, we had a collaboration with some of the pilots who fly rotarys cars to show our website in their cars as a bonnet

Always willing to help and I received fantastic treatment Fran and Christian, both are drivers of the category-PRO-and both fight for victory with rotary engines, it is almost a rarity, since most drivers competing in this championship in either of two categories-AM-and-PRO-just no rotary cars, the vast majority are basically bmw’s or some other car that Japanese as different and various S14 Nissan S13.

For me it is a pride and this my little great community to have this representation and to help my brothers rotarys around the type of representation and media impact within my means.

We are Represented in two cars, if you like, we will detail them a little more with some images I could take right there in the morning:

Coming soon I will put more post, where they will be discussing the most important details of both the pilots and their rotary cars and its characteristics.

Stay tuned.

A greeting.


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