RX7 FD3S D1 Tsukuba Battle

In this new blog article, we decided to put a video, a five-lap battle at Tsukuba circuit.

A battle in true Japanese style, in this case all the cars used were competitors in the famous series of drifting D1.

We can see the level of pilots: Keeichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, Nobuteru Taniguchi, piloting some Mazda RX7 FD3S from different tuners like , Re-Amemiya, Fam speed, M7 Japan, R-magic, and Knight Sports.

The variety of preparations for this model is very extensive, watching and listening to the cars in action at high speed, we can see the different sounds between them, also the power delivery at different speeds.

Hope you like this article, remain alert, soon reach more


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