Mazda Eunos Cosmo

The Eunos Cosmo is the pinnacle of rotary technology. Mazda simply did not compromise when designing what is arguably the ultimate vehicle in their automotive history. With it’s legendary rotary engine now available in 3 rotor form, the Cosmo was designed with the sporting affluent in mind, & to exceed all their expectations.

Jaguar, BMW & Mercedes luxury coupe’s were the targets Mazda aimed for, & when released onto the Japanese market in 1990 the Cosmo easily outshined the best of them with styling years ahead of it’s time. Introduced aswell was Japan’s first factory fitted G.P.S.S (Global. Positioning. Satellite. System) & touch screen system to take the Cosmo well into the next decade. Motoring journalist throughout the world made pilgrimage to Mazda,s Hiroshima headquarters to test drive Japan’s most technically advanced car. Reports such as “Rotary masterpiece” & “Japanese Jaguar” were features of prominent motor magazines from the U.S & Europe.

Click to view: Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B

Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B

Manufactured between 1990 & 1996, Mazda kept production at a selected rate to ensure the maximum build quality possible. A consequence of this being the price premium buyers were forced to pay in order to enjoy it’s prestigious status. Mazda Australia investigated the sale of the Cosmo back in 1990 but were deterred by the expected $110,000 price tag to have it on Australian roads, aswell as being a couple of years behind in setting up the luxury Eunos sales channel.

In order to advance on the level of motoring the Cosmo is reputed for, Mazda surveyed buyers of the previous HB series Cosmo coupe (82-88) to find the luxury interior with it’s “advanced” features was an important factor in deciding to purchase the car. The “wrap around” cockpit of the JC Cosmo has been designed to cater for the personalised tastes of such buyers with the quality of the optional leather interior matching the best of many a European marque. The top level “Type-E.CCS” model with it’s touchscreen “Car Control System” handles most of the cars system’s at the touch of a finger & real “Milano” wood graces the dash to add the required prestige.

20B-REW 3Rotors Engine

20B-REW 3Rotors Engine

Mazda’s famous rotary engine has been steadily improving since their original L10 Cosmo from the 60’s. The Cosmo’s heart has been enlarged from the well known 2 rotor 13B to the 3 rotor 20B which shines as the ultimate example of a production rotary engine. It’s the worlds first series production engine employing a twin “sequential” turbo system & has resulted in an amazing level of torque from it’s 1962 cc capacity. With over 390 nm available from as little as 2200 rpm, the 402 nm peak at 3000 rpm drops by less than 10% at the 7000 rpm Redline. Mazda’s rated power of 206 kW is at the Japanese power limit, but careful questioning of officials found the real figure to be around the 220 kW mark. How does it work ? The primary turbocharger receives the full benefits of exhaust gas from all the rotors to spool faster, thus improving low speed torque & eliminating lag. The 2nd turbo whilst spinning is still yet to provide any boost. At a pre-determined speed the 2nd turbo comes “on-line” to add full boost. The result is effortless performance combined with the rotaries natural smoothness & flexibility.

Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B

Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B-REW 3Rotors Engine

The triple mode automatic transmission is superbly matched to it’s luxury coupe image. The press of a button gives a choice between “normal” & “power” mode, the latter increases responsiveness to the accelerator position aswell as holding the gear longer before the next upchange. The “hold” mode gives manual control. A great feature for demanding driving aswell as the added safety benefit of 2nd gear take offs giving greater traction during slippery conditions.

Mazda Eunos Cosmo 20B-REW

Mazda Eunos Cosmo


Type-S.CCS ( Sports.Car Control System ) luxury & driving (series II) The sports appeal of the dark leather interior combine with the luxury of the CCS for an excellent combination. Available only in 13B form & only for the series II.

Type-E.CCS ( Elegant.Car Control System ). Top of the line luxury. Touch screen controlled car systems including (series I-II)

12 stacker CD
AM/FM stereo
Tape player
Climate control
Ventilation control
TV ( including AV input )
G.P.S.S ( Global positioning satellite system )
Mobile phone ( optional )
Secondary climate & Audio control from steering wheel-Power controlled seating-Power tilt adjust steering-Cruise control-Power windows-power mirrors ( heated on series II ) -Remote controlled central locking-Full leather interior.

Type-S ( Sports ) The drivers car. (series I) Dark cloth trim replaces the leather of the above versions for the appeal of the sportsman driver-Thick black leather bounds the steering wheel-Electically controlled support setting for the sports seats adjust for every driver-AM/FM stereo with optional CD-Push button controlled ventilation/climate control-power windows-power mirrors

Type-SX ( sports extra ) The drivers car (series II) Dark leather seats with cloth inserts combined with a dark leather interior are the changes for the series II version, shifting the appeal of the sports to a higher level.

Engine bay: 20B-REW

Engine bay: 20B-REW

Engine bay: 20B-REW

Engine bay: 20B-REW

With a clean slate to start from. Mazda engineers have designed a truly remarkable chassis to provide the form & function demanded of this high performance coupe. Safety has been well catered for with the use of carefully designed crumple zones & safety impact bumper bars front & rear. ABS is standard for all 20B versions a capable of returning the 1500+ kg of the Cosmo to a full stop in amazingly short distances. Suspension is fully independent with the “E-type” rear incorporating twin dampers. Progressively sprung to give sure footed handling & control. Stiffer spring rates & dampers for the “type-S” show it’s performance advantage over “type-E” versions.

Mazda updated the Cosmo for the 93 model with the addition & omission of a new version to reflect tastes of the series I buyers. The series I thus runs from 1990-1992 with the series II from 1993-1995. Changes to the exterior were minimal but trim levels did get altered.


BODY TYPE 2 door coupe
MODELS – JC-3SE / JC-3S – – JC-ESE / JC-ES –
ENGINE TYPES 2 rotor Wankel 3 rotor Wankel
SPEC LEVELS Type-S (sports) Type-E (elegant)
CAPACITY 1308 cc (654 x 2) 1962 cc (654 x 3)
RATED POWER 230 hp — 172 kw 300 hp — 224 kw
RATED TORQUE 217 lb/ft – 294 nm 297 lb/ft – 402 nm
INDUCTION EFI with twin sequential turbochargers
MAX BOOST 570 mm hg 500 mm hg
INTERCOOLER Air to air intercooling
FUEL TANK 72 lt 85 lt
GEARBOX 4 speed, triple mode electronically controlled auto
1st 3.027 2.784
2nd 1.619 1.544
3rd 1.000 1.000
4th 0.694 0.694
REVERSE 2.272 2.275
STEERING power assisted rack & pinion
FRONT SUSPENSION double wishbone
REAR SUSPENSION multi link IRS with quad dampers
F/R STABILISER torsion bar
BRAKES ventilated disc’s + ABS
A.B.S optional standard (20B)
VISCOUS L.S.D with ABS standard (20B)
WHEELS 16×7 (Type-S) . . 15×6 (Type-E)
TYRES 225/50 (Type-S). . 215/60 (Type-E)
ECONOMY – CITY 7.2 km/l 6.0 km/l
ECONOMY – HWY 10.5 km/l 9.7 km/l
0–400M — 1/4 mile 15.3 sec 14.1 sec
TOP SPEED 235 kph (185 kph electronic cut out) 260 kph (185 kph electronic cut out)

Eunos Cosmo Mazda 20b rew 3 rotors

Engine bay: 20B-REW


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