New sponsor: Atkins Rotary

It is a great pleasure for us to communicate that from now on will be one of our sponsors.

From United States more specifically in Eatonville,WA is where they are located.

cosmohead cosmo head rotary atkins

This is Atkins Rotary, Atkins is one of the most prestigious and veteran world tuners the rotary engine. specializes in rebuilding Mazda Rx7 rotary engines, specifically 12A, 13B, and 20B Mazda Rx7 rotary engines. Also sell a wide variety of rx7 and rx8 rotary engine parts and accessories.

Also build their own high quality aftermarket rotary parts, superchargers, supercharger pulleys and high performance, as well as carry all of Mazda’s engine parts.

On their website you can visit their online store where you will find everything your rotary engine needs to be healthy and in full swing.

  logo rotary atkins


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