R-Magic meets ~ B L A C K ~

Hey REaders

R-Magic, aswell as RE Amemiya, is known in the world thanks to their tuned Rotarys. Some of them are just amazing and they really know what to do in every car.

Ive been surfing the Internet and I found the R-Magic Demo Car. Its an FD, obviously.


Mazda rx7 fd3s r-magic

Oh! This looks promising.

As said, this one is an FD, Type RZ to be more exact. R-Magic worked on everything, from the wheel bolts to the engine. This car produces 365hp and 44.00 kgm of torque, thats pretty nice to be honest.

When looking at it, this is what you see

Mazda RX7 FD3S R-Magic

Mazda rx7 FD3S R-magic
The exterior is fully made by R-Magic, including bumpers, mirrors, hood, headlights, tows… wings…

As for the wheels, you will find some RAYS TE37SL specially made for R-Magic,

For front: 10.5J×18+35 on FEDERAL 595RS-R 265/35R18

For rear: 10.5J × 18 15 on FEDERAL 595RS-R 265/35R18

Both have 10mm spacers.

Mazda rx7 FD3S R-magic

Mazda rx7 FD3S R-magic


Mazda rx7 FD3S R-magic

Mazda rx7 FD3S R-magic

The car itself is low, thanks to the R-Magic suspension. Orleans DFV Coilovers, 14kg for front and rear.

I dont have more pictures, but here I give you the full list of mods.

■ Engine -related
R Magic power suction cleaner KIT
R Magic main 80φ front pipe
R Magic main 80φ silent sports catalyzer ADT
R Magic main 85φ Ultra silent muffler titanium tail
Power FC R Magic entering data
R Magic suit the current car setting
R Magic strengthening fuel pump
R Magic semi-rigid engine mount
R Magic engine torque damper
R Magic plug cord
R Magic earthing system
R Magic oil filler cap
R Magic water bypass kit
R Magic radiator cap
R Magic aluminum pulley kit

■ drive system
R Magic Rebuilt Mission
EXEDY Hyper Single clutch
Counter weight
R Magic original setting ATS carbon LSD

■ suspension
R Magic original setting Orleans DFV harmonic drive kit
※ F: 14kg/mm ​​R: 14kg/mm
R Magic pyro – toe control link
R Magic pyro – lateral rod
Alignment ( street spec )
Corner weight adjustment

■ brake -related
R Magic SSP brake pads ( front )
R Magic SSP brake pads ( rear )

■ wheel
RAYS VOLK Racing RAYS TE37SL R Magic special order
10.5J × 18 +35 wide tread spacer 10 mm ( front )
10.5J × 18 +15 wide tread spacer 10 mm ( rear )

■ tire
※ 265/35R18 ( front and rear )

■ Exterior
R Magic N1-V front bumper
R Magic REquarter2005
R Magic front single canard × 2set use
R Magic N1- rear bumper
R Magic Riyakanado
R Magic EYE’S carbon
R Magic cooling type2 carbon bonnet
R Magic keyed hood pin
R Magic tow hook combined number stay
R Magic Aero mirror

■ Interior
R Magic 7P roll cage dash through type
R Magic roll bar pad
R Magic rear tower bar
R Magic heavyweight shift knob
R Magic spin turn knob
R Magic FC Commander Holder
R Magic 4 consecutive meter panel ( carbon )
Defi compound gauge
Defi water temperature gauge
Defi oil temperature gauge
Defi oil pressure gauge
TRUST oil block
Water temperature adapter
BRIDE ZIEG Ⅲ ( left and right )
BRIDE LF type rail ( left and right )
Works Berura fix
R Magic flipper ( pink anodized )
Carrozzeria Cyber ​​Navi

Thats a very good list.. Aswell the car.



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