rotary engine 13b twin turbo

RPC Reader’s Car: Nissan Skyline Rotary Engine Powered

Rotary greetings to all! Maybe you will remember this article in which we advanced a preview of Rotary Power Crew reader’s car:  Preview article Today we bring the full entry where you can see all the information. Not without thanking as it corresponds to the vehicle owner for his selfless collaboration. This article has been…

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16X vs 13B rotors

Rotary Engine 16X, Next Generation RENESIS

Next Generation RENESIS (Rotary Engine 16X) In 2007, the 40th anniversary year of Mazda’s rotary engine, Mazda announced a plan to develop the next generation Renesis (16X). The aim was to improve fuel economy and increase torque at all engine speeds through a redesign of its basic estructure. Three features Point1:  New dimensions. Higher thermal…

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Towards a Hydrogen Society

The global environment and the car society   There is a vital need to respond to global warming and other environmental issues that affect the planet. As global car ownership continues to expand, automakers such as Mazda must redouble their efforts to achieve cleaner exhaust emissions and to reduce CO2 emissions through improvements in fuel…

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RX8 Hydrogen Rotary Engine

RX8 Hydrogen Rotary Engine The RX-8 Hydrogen RE is a clean car with a RENESIS rotary-engine. Mazda introduced the world’s first practical hydrogen rotary engine in February 2006. The RX-8 hydrogen RE has a dual-fuel system that uses onboard hydrogen and gasoline. This is as drivable and reliable if it is far from hydrogen refueling…

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