Open Slalom Drift, last round. Madrid’s Smoke

During the weekend of October 5-6, was held at Jarama (Madrid, Spain) the fifth scoring for the Spanish championship of Drift, also known as “Open Slalom Dirft”. In this case besides the Amateur and Professional categories drift, had scheduled an extra in the contest, as also were to be held racing trucks, asphalt monsters known…

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Mazda Mx5 Miata Rotary engine drift spain Open Slalom Drift

Drifting representation. Round IV Open Slalom Drift

Hello everyone. During the past july 28, held in Igualada (Barcelona) the fourth round of the championship of drift. Best known as: Open Slalom Drift. What was so special to us that was not the calendar one more round? Well, for the first time, we had a collaboration with some of the pilots who fly…

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