It's pure beauty, overall, the color, chrome, rims, seats .. and a good dressing as 13B

RPC Reader’s Car: Mazda CosmoSport 110S From Japan

Today we have a special entrance, a beautiful Mazda Cosmo Sport (110S) This is one of those items that had long wanted to write. The first, the veteran of the rotary, the first model, the first design, the first two rotors Mazda went on sale. I’m a big fan of the rotary and I started…

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rotary engine 13b twin turbo

RPC Reader’s Car: Nissan Skyline Rotary Engine Powered

Rotary greetings to all! Maybe you will remember this article in which we advanced a preview of Rotary Power Crew reader’s car:  Preview article Today we bring the full entry where you can see all the information. Not without thanking as it corresponds to the vehicle owner for his selfless collaboration. This article has been…

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