mazda rotary engine pick up rotary engine mazda old school puesto rico

Mazda Rotary Engine PickUp R.E.P.U

Rotary Pickup The Rotary Pickup (REPU) was the world’s first and only Wankel engined pickup truck. It was sold from 1974 to 1977 and appears to have been available only in the United States and Canada. The Rotary Engined Pickup (REPU) had a four-port 1.3L 13B 4-barrel carbureted engine, flared fenders, battery mounted under the…

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Rotary Nationals from PR logo mazda rotary old school

Fifth National Day Of Rotary in Puerto Rico

Rotary National the fifth day is a special day of Rotary. Day dedicated exclusively to the newspapers. Day when you forget the name of Felix Wankel, the maker of rotary engine cars. This celebration in Puerto Rico is completely filled and people can appreciate many rotary cars and even cars that originally come with a…

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Hello Rotary Readers Im Vicent M. a new sponsor/collaborator of the page. Im glad having a place here and I hope you all enjoy the stuff I will post. Currently im running a page in Facebook called Vicent M. Autoworks, which is only to post my automotive graphic design, vectors, line arts, posters, photography and…

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It's pure beauty, overall, the color, chrome, rims, seats .. and a good dressing as 13B

RPC Reader’s Car: Mazda CosmoSport 110S From Japan

Today we have a special entrance, a beautiful Mazda Cosmo Sport (110S) This is one of those items that had long wanted to write. The first, the veteran of the rotary, the first model, the first design, the first two rotors Mazda went on sale. I’m a big fan of the rotary and I started…

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Mazda Mx5 Miata Rotary engine drift spain Open Slalom Drift

Drifting representation. Round IV Open Slalom Drift

Hello everyone. During the past july 28, held in Igualada (Barcelona) the fourth round of the championship of drift. Best known as: Open Slalom Drift. What was so special to us that was not the calendar one more round? Well, for the first time, we had a collaboration with some of the pilots who fly…

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